More Customers More Money More Freedom

With less work, less time, and less effort

If you are sick and tired of not profiting consistently in your business and waking up each day “hoping” you get a new client or sale, then it’s time to do something about it.

If your business depends on you being “at work” every day in order to turn a profit…and you want to learn how to create a stable income stream that comes in like clockwork (even if you only work minimum hours a month) this letter will change your life and the way you Run Your Business.

Here’s the deal:
I will be hosting a Reinvention Retreat
Word of warning, though…
This is NOT a cheap event.

The retreat is designed for women who want to move from the hobby phase (and when your business isn’t making money or very little, it is a hobby) and take their business to the next level without spending months or years to make it happen.

The proven strategies you’ll learn are some of the exact methods used by multi-millionaires and business owners that paid $25,000 or more to learn and implement them.

The systems you leave with will be easy to comprehend and implement quickly (many of them can be put in place while you are right at my special Think Tank Table) so you can start making money FAST.

The tips and tricks that most people spend years trying to discover will be at your fingertips so you can figure out how to get back the time you’ve lost out on with family and friends while you were busy trying to keep your business afloat.

This event isn’t for everyone, though.

It is intended for women serious about taking action and making changes. It’s also intended for women who are tired of hearing all that motivational fluff talk about overcoming fear and “walking in purpose” which is cool, but enough is enough! It’s for those who instead want to learn the REAL “how to make money” skills that actually make a business thrive.

This is why I have a pre-qualification application. I don’t want to waste your time or mine and this process separates the doers from the talkers and brings out the serious women only.

It only takes about 3 minutes to complete.
Here’s why I do this…

I’ve noticed many people just aren’t ready for this level of knowledge

What I mean by “not ready”is they aren’t ready to take action.

For example:

One of my best friends in the whole world is a strong, independent woman.

She’s smart.

She’s ambitious.

She’s even read a ton of books on how to be successful in her business and she’s attended many seminars in pursuit of her dreams.

But you know what?

She’s constantly struggling, always complaining, and always has a new excuse for why she can’t afford nice things, doesn’t have enough free time, and is barely getting by.

On the OTHER hand…

There’s my other friend who was a high school drop out, juggling two dead end jobs and trying her best to raise three kids.

Yet, I’ve watched her become a true superwoman, expert, and business owner using the information I am going to teach you at this event.

So, this isn’t about natural intelligence or having an advantage in life.

It’s about taking action.

If you take action you will succeed!

Here’s a small taste of what you will get out of the Reinvention Retreat:
  • Analyze and FIX your most pressing business challenges—On The Spot
  • Discover how successful business women double existing sales in half the time with minimal effort or work involved
  • Learn Vicki’s fast track system to launching a business, or funnel, in 72 hours and stand out among the competition
  • Learn how to properly Brand your business by creating a unique position in the market and stand out from your competitors. Discover how Vicki created a successful national brand that keeps her calendar full not once, but twice
  • Streamline your business to allow more time for family, friends, travel, relaxation, or philanthropic ambitions (because ultimately we all want to be free to do the things that make us happy and fulfilled)
  • Find out more about Vicki Irvin on a personal level while rebuilding your unique business model
  • Leave the job you hate so you can go dominate the business you want to build!
  • Learn how to “flip”the naysayers and non-supportive people in your life and watch how they will soon be begging and pleading for advice on how to get the life you have
  • Don’t get strapped down, waiting for my annual September mastermind event to open up (which rarely has space)—give your business the attention it deserves by applying to attend one of Vicki’s monthly Reinvention Retreats
  • Master this secret trick for getting friends and family to support your dreams even if they don’t believe in you
  • Design a life and business that gives you balance among friends, family, and yourself while also generating consistent income
  • Have your business personally evaluated and reconstructed to supercharge profits regardless of your business type or niche
  • Get REAL, actionable results that you can quickly and effectively implement in JUST 2 days at Vicki’s personal dinner table
  • Receive lifetime priority access to Vicki’s other programs/events before they are made available to the public
  • Turn your business dreams into a reality with confidence in your business model and course of action personally endorsed by Vicki
  • Learn how to maintain your authenticity while also making money.

This is something many women struggle with and it ends up costing them BIG money! I see women attending events where MEN are training everyone on the system that worked for THEM.

Sadly, most women in business are perceived as aggressive and “witchy”when they use the strategies that men use.

This isn’t always the case, of course, but when you attend the Reinvention Retreat, I focus my strategies on YOUR unique personality and I help you discover distinct ways to shine amongst your competition while everyone else is doing the same old, same old.

What else will you learn????

  • Leave the event having your challenges overcome, a solid action plan documented for the future, a unique position in your market established, and a proven system of generating leads
  • Be surrounded by a small group of other strong, successful women that share common goals in life and in business while at the same time creating life-long resources that you can leverage in the future
  • Learn how to be “selfish”without making it obvious or having it thrown in your face (in fact, people will encourage you to do MORE of this when you do it correctly)
  • Discover how you can do what you absolutely love while also helping your market in a unique way that nobody else is doing
  • Create resources that will help manage your relationships in a more positive way, forever (including your marriage, time spent caring for your parent/child/grandchild, even friendships that have been put on the back burner)
  • Get private referrals for website designers, copywriters, funnel experts, etc….that only Vicki’s closest business peers have access to (most people in business would kill for the names on this list and these people only do business that’s referral based)
  • Save over $4,000 by attending this up close, personal attention in a small, intimate group setting (compared to price of attending my private one on one consulting days)
  • Avoid throwing away another penny until you learn this one simple technique that I had to learn very early on and that I use every single day to be productive and successful
  • Receive special pricing on private coaching sessions that may not yet be available to the public (must attend the retreat to find out more)
  • Implement and leave the reinvention retreat with your business completely “made over
  • Finally get your chance to show all the people that said you couldn’t do it or that it wasn’t possible by proving to them that you COULD do it with a little work and dedication
  • Manipulate your business so your income becomes instantly consistent and predictable regardless of how much (or little) you work
  • Secure multiple income streams in 30 days without using any of your own money
  • And a whole lot MORE!

Learn how you network your way into elite masterminds that most people, especially the general public, never hear about, how to use facebook and other social media sites to gain droves of new followers in just a few short weeks, how to write a book in 14 days without getting writers block and without taking months to revise and edit, and how to turn yourself into a local area celebrity virtually overnight.

Vicki Irvin

Vicki Vicki has coached over 2,000 people on how to increase their own wealth, boost their businesses and employ marketing strategies that few have been exposed to.

The success of Vicki’s coaching practice was built on her keen sense of marketing that keeps her events selling out in any economy.

Vicki’s success has garnered national acclaim and recognition, making her much sought after by other business-minded women wanting to learn her non-traditional marketing methods.

She immediately realized a need for women entrepreneurs to have like-minded mentors who could help them build their business, and she began to coach others on how to add income streams to their existing business, build their client/contact lists and establish their business online in every niche and industry imaginable.

If you’re a woman in business…this is the place to be. Vicki is a key part of my business team and career, there’s not a place I perform where people have not heard of her

Chante Moore, R&B Recording Star


Vicki is an awesome Coach and Entrepreneur that is changing lives and it was amazing to hear her speak at my event with 1,000 people in attendance

James Malinchak,ABC’s “Secret Millionaire”


[Our] joint venture together resulted in a $1.8 million online launch!.

Ed O’Keefe,Dentist Profits

Ed O’Keefe

Vicki Irvin is one bad sister! I was thrilled to be a speaker at her event, not only once but twice. I have great admiration and appreciation for women in the business world who have not allowed their life dreams, goals and potential to be de­nied by their gender. I look forward to working with Vicki again.

Stedman GrahamCEO, S.Graham & Associates


This lady knows her stuff and I get excited every time I heard her speak. Since appearing on season #1 of Donald Trump’s apprentice, I attended Vicki Irvin’ Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event and was blown away by the marketing information she teaches. This lady knows her stuff and I get excited every time I heard her speak. Do yourself a favor and attach to Vicki Irvin! Make sure you do not miss out on her events because they are truly life-changing.

Kristi Frankof the Apprentice


I have worked with Vicki for 2 years! Her branding and marketing experience was the most productive step towards my business that I have taken so far. She developed my Five Step Transformation System that translated into increased profits and my own TV show in Boston, MA. She’s simply brilliant!

Mary Roberts,Successful Spaces


The inspiration, perspective, and time to think from Vicki Irvin’s event led me to make a major decision absolutely key to growing my business — hiring a communications and marketing expert. For too long, I was trying to do this important job on my own. It was only ONE of many revelations I had that I acted on from that weekend that has profoundly and positively affected my business and network that has grown to a community of over 70,000 women.

Debbie PhillipsCEO, Women On Fire


Since attending Vicki’s event and working with her, she made one phone call that got me booked to speak and able to sell my product from the stage. As a result of that I made $20,000! She has an amazing ability to look at all the work and effort you have already done and find your brand within your own words. Once she works with you and believes in you, she will bend over backwards to connect you and she is HIGHLY connected.

Cheryl PaulsenCheryl Paulsen Coaching


first worked with Vicki on building my Brand a few years ago and since then my career has sky-rocketed! I have appeared on Dr. Phil, The Doctors and am currently a master trainer with Radius TV on NBC! Vicki has remained the ONLY business coach I work with because she is the REAL deal. I am working with her again to build out my entire multi-city tour and can’t wait! She is an official part of my business model and team!

Basheerah Ahmad,Celebrity Fitness Trainer


When I first started my on-line boutique, I reached out to Vicki to send her a sampleof my work. Since then she has personally coached me, introduced me to her celebrity friends who became clients and she herself has become a celebrity ambassador for me. When Vicki wears my clothes, I get droves of sales! I am proud to say that I have expanded my boutique to an actual store as well now and the sky is the limit. Vicki is well connected and will introduce you to all the right people.

Sonya MarieBy Sonya Marie Boutique


So, how much does it cost?

Learning this information on my own has cost me well into high six figures and over 9 years of training, attending seminars, events, and masterminds, and even a some trial and error.

I don’t want it to cost you that much money or take you that much time.
I want to see you succeed right away. So, if I hear from you today, and if you qualify, it will only cost you $997.

I am even offering a generous 2 pay plan so you can hold and secure your seat now with half and pay the balance prior to the start of the event

That’s just a drop in the bucket compared to what others have paid to learn this exact information

To see if you qualify to attend The Reinvention Retreat


#2. Answer the Questions on the Evaluation Page

#3. Submit Your Answers

CLICK HERE TO APPLY I’ll see the action takers on the other side,

Vicki Irvin P.S.

Wondering if this is going to be another huge expense that doesn’t pay off in the end?

I know what it’s like not trust people.

In fact, my family was held at gun point while convicted murderers robbed our home. Yup, I even appeared on NBC’s Dateline recently to tell my story.

If there’s one thing I despise, it’s thieves. Time thieves, money thieves, every kind of thief.
…oh and “posers” who pretend to be qualified coaches but have nothing to back it up. Have you noticed that too? Every day there is a new coach popping up! Well I am not new, I have created million dollar businesses and changed lives for almost 10 years now.

That’s why I want you to make this investment with confidence, knowing that I have your back.

Not only am I trusting 6 of you to come into my private residence and personal home office, see where I live, eat at my table, and learn my strategies and tips to help you make strides in your business, but I’m also offering you a guarantee.

If, at the end of your time at the event, I haven’t give you the information that you need to implement change and make more money, I will refund your money on the spot.

AND…I’ll even pay for your plane ticket or gas to get back home.

No questions asked.

No excuses.

On top of this guarantee, you’ll still have permission to use all the information you learned while attending this event.

That means I am assuming all the risk here, not you.